The world of telephony and communication has changed. Today, workers have a whole raft of ways through which they can share ideas and information. Accustomed to receiving instant access to information on their mobile phones and devices, both customers and employees have high expectations when it comes to technology.

Unfortunately, most traditional PBX systems can’t keep pace with advanced features such as video conferencing, business application integration, unified communications, and mobile productivity tools. In addition, many businesses don’t have the resources or expertise in-house to effectively manage and maintain a complex ICT set-up.

With a managed, cloud-based voice solution, your business can enjoy a range of crucial benefits:

1. Outsourced maintenance
With a managed service, you have experts monitoring your phone system around the clock. This means you can take the administrative burden away from your internal resources, and free them up to focus on more strategic and mission-critical initiatives.

2. Save money
By moving some – or all – of your PBX to the cloud, you avoid the need to pay for expensive on-premise phone infrastructure. Instead, you pay only for the services you need, on a month-to-month basis. If your business increases or decreases in size, you can also scale your telephony up or down accordingly, without any hassle or additional infrastructure investment.

3. Peace of mind
When you use a managed service, you can rest assured that your communication assets will be monitored around the clock. You should also receive a disaster recovery plan, and automated upgrades and updates, meaning your technology will stay as current and secure as possible, well into the future.

4. Upgrade at your pace
With a managed cloud voice solution, there’s no need to ‘rip and replace’ your existing set-up. Instead, you can also transition at a pace that suits you. Retain some elements of your on-premise infrastructure, and simply move certain elements to the cloud, as appropriate.

5. Superior functionality
Zetta’s Managed Cloud Voice solution is built on the powerful and feature-rich Skype for Business Cloud PBX. With Skype for Business as your single client for voice, video, instant messaging and conferencing, you can experience superior collaboration between your customers, staff, partners and suppliers.

6. A more mobile, flexible workforce
By integrating Skype for Business features and PSTN conferencing in one, fully-integrated solution, your people can make or receive business calls in the office, at home, on the road, using their phone, PC or mobile device.

How can Zetta help get results for your business?

If you’re interested in finding out how your business could evolve its information and communications technology, talk to us. We have over a decade of experience with Microsoft Unified Communications, and we are one of the first Microsoft partners in Western Australia to be on the Global Skype Operations Framework.

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