Disaster Recovery Whitepaper
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Whitepaper: Improving Information Systems Resilience

During 2016 many high profile enterprises (including the ATO and the ASX) suffered significant outages of critical IT services. This whitepaper explores how traditional Disaster Recovery Plans have failed prominent large enterprises across…
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Stay Connected - Skype for Business

In the modern world, keeping your business connected is more important than ever. With our new service, Managed Cloud Voice, we connect your people in real-time, with the Skype experience they love, from the Office applications they use every…
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Why Government Agencies Must Pay Attention to Disaster Recovery

With severe global weather events increasing, and more information stored in digital form, people are becoming more aware of disaster recovery. The consequences of data loss or a targeted attack is greater now than ever. What is DRaaS? Traditional…
Managed Cloud Voice
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5 Real Benefits of Skype for Business

With outdated and inefficient telephony systems in place, across a variety of industries, it’s more important than ever to adopt a simplified communication platform embracing cloud based technologies. Read on to find out five benefits that…
Disaster Recovery as a Service
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4 Key Benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service 

From data hacks, malicious ransomware or severe weather events, any business can be affected by a disaster. Small and medium sized businesses are often at the greatest risk when disaster strikes. A long recovery time after a disaster could be…
managed cloud voice
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5 Most Common Issues With Traditional Telephony

Traditional telephony is where companies invest in expensive on-site systems to manage their calls, fax machines, and other phone line needs, all while using a single incoming phone connection. While this system has served businesses well for…
ICT Transformation and Management

Zetta Partners with Scitech To Provide ICT Services

Zetta is pleased to announce it has been engaged by Scitech to improve, enhance and support their entire ICT (Information, Communication, and Technology) infrastructure. Scitech expects continued, significant growth of their engagement with…