There are several different entrances to 140 William St and only one of them works for members of the public to get to the Zetta Office on Level 1.  This sometimes leads to people being lost and confused. See below to make sure you can find our office easily.

Entry from William Street

The building entry is on the east side of William Street between Wellington Street and Murray Street Mall.  The entry is between Jamie’s Italian and Koko Black.

Google Maps:

140 William Entry Map
140 William Entry

The Special Lift

Only one of the lifts in the main lobby gives public access to Level 1.  This is Lift H to the far right near the foyer reception desk and the “Zetta” sign as you walk in.  Use this lift and enjoy the exclusive A-list feel.

140 William Foyer Lift H Arrow

Level 1

From the level 1 Lift Lobby go through the sliding doors, turn left and the Zetta Office doors are in front of you with our name and a huge blue “Z” logo.  Come on in, somebody at the reception desk will be able to assist you.

140 William Level 1 Lift Lobby
140 William Level 1 Zetta Doors