Cloud Transformation Roadmap

Understanding exactly where your organisation’s ICT strategy is in relation to your peers and the industry is essential.

With years of experience across vast industries, Zetta can help you understand your current position and environment, developing a road map to follow over the coming months or years to reach your ICT infrastructure business empowering goals.

As a starting point to developing a road map, Zetta can undertake an express or detailed workload evaluation and health check utilising our own highly customised automated discovery and bench marking tool sets and processes.

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Cloud Storage and Backup

Data Centre to Cloud

The overall transition from customer run data centres to a distributed, cloud-based model is a journey that most organisations have begun to some extent, whether it be moving selected server workloads, utilising off-site storage and backup or implementing server replication to assist with a disaster recovery (DR) strategy.

Taking advantage of the flexibility of monthly operating costs, avoiding costly underutilised capital investment costs as well as the agility enabled through being able to rapidly scale for capacity are major attractions to business.

Zetta can work with you to develop a strategy for your organisation’s data, network, security and identity management that underpins a design that is both cost effective and agile.

The Platform

What sets Zetta apart – what places us at the pinnacle of the cloud services market – is the Zettagrid platform. We own and operate our own platform and network, which hosts over 4,000 virtual servers across Australia.

This gives us the edge and has helped us to develop unique insight into cloud automation and data centre to cloud processes. Security, functionality, accessibility, and agility represent only a few of the advantages cloud hosting can provide to a data centre.


Zetta provides the management of the Server and Storage Infrastructure including Servers (physical, virtual and cloud-based), hypervisor and operating systems, system management software, DBMS, Middleware, and Server SOE(s).

This service includes the support and management of Storage devices (SAN, NAS etc.) and the operation of Data Management services (Backup and Recovery, Archiving etc.).

End to End Network Expertise

Zetta owns and operates an Australia wide high-speed network with interconnects to all the major data centre and telecommunication providers nationwide.  We understand that during the evolution of cloud-based computing that secure, high-speed network connections are becoming the critical dependency of a responsive end-user experience.

The network connectivity options available in the market are constantly evolving. Ensuring your business is gaining maximum value without compromising security or flexibility in the future is the focus of our network service offerings.

Network Assessment + Optimisation

Is your network secure? Are you getting the most value and efficiency out of your WAN and internet connections? Is your network cloud ready?

These are the questions answered during a Zetta network assessment and health check engagement.

Following on from a Network Assessment engagement, Zetta can work with you to make the necessary optimisations to your LAN/WAN network.

With high speed interconnects with the 8 major Telco’s across the country, and peering with the 4 largest peering providers, Zetta can directly provision secure, high-speed connections that can supercharge your network and take advantage of all the best cloud offerings.

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Solution Architecture_Transform your business with Zetta
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