Cloud Replication, Storage and Backup

Retain your capital

Cloud is ideal for situations where large capital investment is required for infrequent and low-performance scenarios like storage, backup and disaster recovery replication.

Cloud Storage and Backup

When the need arises to expand your data centre storage and backup capacity, there are many options now available through the cloud.
Whether utilising our own cloud platform of VAST Object Storage and Veeam Cloud Connect or utilising the best cloud enabled toolsets in the market such as Microsoft StorSimple and Azure we can assist you with designing and implementing a complete solution.


Replication of business critical servers into the cloud has rapidly become the simplest,  most cost effective point solution within any disaster recovery plan. With no additional hardware costs, key server workloads can be replicated to the cloud and be kept up to date in real time.
In the event of failure the replica server can take over production workloads automatically. Zetta provides a comprehensive replication as a service solution, SecondSite, which is compatible with both VMware and Microsoft hypervisors.  Zetta also leverages the best products in the marketplace such as Azure Site Recovery services.