ICT Transformation Services

Transforming businesses to meet tomorrow’s needs

Zetta offers a complete range of ICT transformation services to enable you to move to a modernised, optimised and cloud enabled environment. Delivered via individually managed projects, all layers of the core ICT infrastructure stack from the network through to end user productivity and applications are offered. Zetta transformation services are built upon a platform of cloud enabled products developed in-house as well as the best cloud and on-premises solutions available in the market. The complete suite of Zetta transformation services can be combined via our experienced team of Solution Architects into a staged roadmap that your organisation can follow along its remaining journey to the cloud.

Solution Architecture

There are many aspects of ICT infrastructure to consider when architecting an environment that is both meeting the business needs of today and ready to respond to the demands of the future. An environment that is both secure and agile whilst being cost effective to operate is a difficult balance to achieve.

End User Computing & Productivity

Zetta has a long history focused on managing the end user computing experience at the desktop. In fact, a project to design and deploy a SOE and associated application packages was the very first project completed by Zetta in 2004.  Since then our modular, comprehensive approach to end user computing has been applied at many top tier enterprises across Australia.


Zetta owns and operates an Australia wide high speed network with interconnects to all the major data centre and telecommunication providers nationwide.  We understand that during the evolution of cloud based computing that secure, high speed network connections are becoming the critical dependency of a responsive end user experience. 

Data Centre to Cloud

Through owning and operating our own cloud platform, hosting over 4000 virtual servers nationwide, we have developed a deep understanding of data centre virtualisation and cloud automation.  Zetta can work with you to develop a strategy for your organisation’s data, network, security and identity management that underpins a design that is both cost effective and agile.


Zetta has deployed over 50,000 applications in enterprise organisations nationwide so we understand how applications need to be integrated and managed for the modern business.  Focusing on the end user experience is our number one priority.  Zetta  provides the following services to transform your application portfolio into a modern, cloud ready position.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications solutions provide for a cohesive and easily manageable communication experience for the end user.  Zetta has created multiple unified communications solutions combining the latest Microsoft Lync technology with Polycom and Sonos hardware.  Zetta can assist your organisation by helping you design and implement a full unified communications solution that integrates with your existing telephony and network solution prior to making a complete transition.