Simple cloud and hybrid environment migration, management and security

ZeroIMPACT Active Directory consolidation by Zetta

Some organisations will be 100% cloud, but many are too heavily invested in legacy infrastructure and are forced to stay hybrid for the foreseeable future.

In either scenario, migrations to Microsoft® Office 365® and Azure® Active Directory® (AD) can be labour intensive and fraught with risk. If not done correctly, migrations can drain time, resources and budget.

Even after migration, as hybrid and cloud footprints expand, the risk and complexity of securing, managing and ensuring compliance for multiple environments increases. While Office 365 is backed by a 99.9% service-level agreement (SLA), change control, access governance and overall data security are still the responsibility of customers. Unfortunately, native tools are unfit for the task.


Migration Manager for Active Directory and File Servers

ZeroIMPACT restructuring and merging of Active Directory and file servers

The Solution – Quest Migration Manager

  • Supports all migration scenarios. Execute more complex migration scenarios because it supports trust less migration and can be used together with Migration Manager for Exchange
  • Offers full project management functionality
  • Provides full directory migration
  • Delivers extensive resource processing
  • Offers efficient clean-up. Clean up all evidence that a migration was ever completed by removing source permissions on resources post migration, including security identifier (SID) history
  • Ensures true coexistence – Minimise the impact to end users and administrators during migration with continuous directory synchronisation
  • Supports remote workstation end-to-end migration
  • Provides BitLocker® support

For Office 365 & Azure AD Solutions

  • Pre-migration and cloud readiness – plan effectively with assessment and remediation
  • ZeroIMPACT migration to Office 365 – clean-up and consolidate
  • Control costs and mitigate risks with a fast, automated and efficient migration
  • Avoids user disruption with seamless coexistence between legacy systems and Office 365
  • Ability to recover any lost data during migration
  • Office 365 and Azure AD security and auditing, real-time reporting
  • Ongoing management – stay in control
  • Simplified user and licence reporting to control costs and ensure compliance


Administrators struggle to keep up with requests to create, change or remove access with today’s hybrid AD environments and the limited capabilities of native tools of Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory (AAD).

With Active Roles, you can solve your security issues and meet those never-ending compliance requirements by securing and protecting on-prem and cloud AD resources simply and efficiently. 

  • Overcomes native-tools limitations
  • Manages identities for Exchange Online, Lync, SharePoint Online and much more
  • Provides a single, intuitive tool for hybrid environment

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