We understand applications

Zetta has deployed over 50,000 applications in enterprise organisations nationwide so we understand how applications need to be integrated and managed for the modern business.  Focusing on the end user experience is our number one priority.  Zetta  provides the following services to transform your application portfolio into a modern, cloud ready position:

Application Readiness

Take control of your application fleet.
Understand exactly what you have installed, what you are using and the compatibility of your applications with the latest Windows and cloud enabled platforms.
Automate your application deployment and software asset management to drive down management costs and provide the agility and flexibility that your end users require.

Application Development

Zetta has a team of highly skilled software developers ready to customise and integrate your next off the shelf application solution or develop a complete bespoke application solution to meet a specific business requirement.
With skills in .Net , Microsoft Office Automation, Windows and Apple mobile application development, Microsoft CRM, SQL and LAMP Database, BI and SharePoint customisation we have a wide range of your application development requirements covered.