Data Centre to Cloud

We are the foremost experts in Cloud

The transformation of the data centre to take advantage of cloud services such as IaaS and PaaS is well progressed within the industry.  The overall transition from customer run data centres to a distributed, cloud based model is a journey that most organisations have begun to some extent, whether it be moving selected server workloads (e.g. development or test infrastructure), utilising off site storage and backup or implementing server replication to assist with a disaster recovery (DR) strategy. Taking advantage of the flexibility of monthly operating costs, avoiding costly underutilised capital investment costs as well as the agility enabled through being able to rapidly scale for capacity are major attractions to business.

Through owning and operating our own cloud platform, hosting over 4000 virtual servers nationwide, we have developed a deep understanding of data centre virtualisation and cloud automation.  Zetta can work with you to develop a strategy for your organisation’s data, network, security and identity management that underpins a design that is both cost effective and agile.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud provides you with the rapid scalability and self-service functionality of a public cloud with the power, security and reliability of dedicated resources. Whether you are developing a VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V based cloud solution, you can take advantage of our expertise to design, implement and automate the right solution for your business. Zetta can implement your private cloud on your own customer hosted infrastructure or we can optionally host it entirely or partially (e.g. a DR site) within one of our data centre locations around the country.

Hybrid and Public Cloud

The addition of Cloud Servers can be as a part of extending your private cloud into a hybrid cloud, or simply to take advantage running selected workloads in the cloud. Zetta can integrate the use of our own cloud platform as well as the best public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure or a combination of both. Whether it be a single server or a full virtual data centre, Zetta can assist you with the complete design and implementation including all associated network, storage, security and identity management considerations.

Cloud Storage and Backup

When the need arises to expand your data centre storage and backup capacity, there are many options now available through the cloud.
Whether utilising our own cloud platform of VAST Object Storage and Veeam Cloud Connect or utilising the best cloud enabled toolsets in the market such as Microsoft StorSimple and Azure we can assist you with designing and implementing a complete solution.

Cloud Replication for DR

Replication of business critical servers into the cloud has rapidly become the simplest,  most cost effective point solution within any disaster recovery plan. With no additional hardware costs, key server workloads can be replicated to the cloud and be kept up to date in real time.
In the event of failure the replica server can take over production workloads automatically. Zetta provides a comprehensive replication as a service solution, SecondSite, which is compatible with both VMware and Microsoft hypervisors.  Zetta also leverages the best products in the marketplace such as Azure Site Recovery services.