Solution Architecture

Respond to the demands of the future

There are many aspects of ICT infrastructure to consider when architecting an environment that is both meeting the business needs of today and ready to respond to the demands of the future. An environment that is both secure and agile whilst being cost effective to operate is a difficult balance to achieve. Furthermore, being able to empower your end users to achieve their business objectives is another dimension that influences the solution strategy your organisation chooses to adopt.

All of these considerations are then at play against a backdrop of a rapidly changing ICT technology landscape. As the technology is evolving from a traditional, self owned and onsite client/server environment to the nirvana of a completely mobile Software as a Service (SaaS) future, we are currently in a period of transition. Managing and transforming your ICT systems through the associated hybrid and public cloud stepping stones using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) requires a comprehensive strategy and roadmap.

Cloud Transformation Roadmap

Understanding exactly where your organisation’s ICT strategy is in relation to your peers and the industry is essential.

Through working with many enterprises throughout Australia, Zetta can bring vast industry experience to help you understand your position and how you can develop a roadmap to follow over the coming months or years to reach your ICT infrastructure business empowering goals.

As a starting point to developing a roadmap, Zetta can undertake an express or detailed workload evaluation and health check utilising our own highly customised automated discovery and benchmarking toolsets and processes.[/

ICT Infrastructure BC and DR Planning

Understanding the existing risks and risk treatments in relation to how your ICT infrastructure supports your business continuity strategy is critical to the success of any business.

Rapidly changing technology, particularly with respect to cloud based backup, storage and replication have made available many cost effective opportunities to address BCP and DR requirements for all organisations. Our team of highly experienced Solution Architects can help you qualify and quantify your risks and assist in the development of a plan to treat those risks using both the products available through the Zetta platform and the best public cloud solutions.