Is your telephony system putting your business on hold?

The world of business technology has changed a lot since the days of the old PBX telephony systems.

Business technology trends such as mobile productivity, business application integration, video conferencing, unified communications, advanced productivity features, and the like are modern technologies and services that an on-premise legacy PBX system are just not designed to handle.

So, chances are (and it’s a big chance), if you’re still using an outdated PABX system, you’re limiting your business’s ability to grow and achieve future success.

Benefits to your business

Lower operational

costs over time

Simple configuration

and installation

Simple maintenance

and management

Mobility and

easy relocation

Remote extensions to

anywhere with internet access

Seamless integration

with Office products

Managed Cloud Voice

Our Managed Cloud Voice offering is built on the powerful and feature-rich Skype for Business Cloud PBX. With Skype for Business as your single client for voice, video, instant messaging and conferencing, you’ll experience better collaboration between your customers, staff, partners and suppliers.

Designed for organisations interested in replacing their traditional phone system by adding Skype for Business Online’s set of calling features along with the benefits of PSTN Conferencing all in one fully integrated solution. Make and receive business calls in the office, at home, or on the road, using your phone, PC, or mobile device. Skype for Business is an all-in-one solution that organisations love.

Skype for Business Cloud PBX is available with your Office 365 subscription.

Zetta Managed Cloud Voice
Cloud Dial-in Conferencing

Cloud Dial-in Conferencing

Cloud Dial-in Conferencing will boost team collaboration with conferencing options from virtually any device. Existing meeting solutions can be consolidated and complexity reduced while enabling your employees to attend a meeting by phone wherever they are.

Designed for organisations interested in adding or replacing their current conferencing solution.  With Skype for Business PSTN conferencing, you can consolidate your Audio, Video and Web meeting solutions, reducing complexity while enabling employees to attend meetings by phone anywhere.  Enjoy convenient dial-in access to Skype Meetings, participants can join your meetings from any telephone.

Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing is available with your Office 365 subscription.


Cloud Telephony: the new voice of WA business

Download this whitepaper to learn how modern technologies help WA businesses stay competitive

Why Zetta?

No matter how far along the journey to the cloud your organisation is, Zetta has the complete toolset to assist you to navigate a successful transformation to a modern, cloud-enabled future.

We can help transform and manage your ICT infrastructure, leveraging our own Australia wide high-speed network, hosting and cloud platform solutions combined with the best public cloud offerings in the market.

Microsoft has built the Skype Operations Framework (SOF) to accelerate the implementation of Skype for Business. It is a comprehensive set of tools, templates and best practices that result in high quality, robust, reliable and lower cost migrations to Managed Cloud Voice and Cloud Dial-in Conferencing.

Microsoft Skype Operations Framework

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