Our Name

Letter Z and the number 1021

In late 2003, in an effort to dominate his Scrabble-playing friends, our CEO Nathan Harman was attempting to learn all the “Z” words in the Macquarie Dictionary. He came across a word that appealed to his mathematical nature. That word was:

Zetta-, pref. (symbol Z ) A prefix in the system of units denoting 1021 or 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000.”

The word Zetta was adopted in 1991, and comes from the Latin word “septem”, meaning seven, because 1021 is equal to 1000 7.

So what makes Zetta special? We think of our company as having no practical limits. 1021 is such a large number, we believe it is symbolic in that it represents all that we can achieve. To put Zetta in perspective for you, it’s approximately the number of every single grain of sand, on all the beaches in the world!