Is it time your technology caught up with the way you and your team work?

Staying agile with end-user computing (EUC) can be difficult, if not impossible in a post COVID-19 working environment. Security is almost always the top issue. Many compliance initiatives were purposely designed for IT to have more direct control in how software upgrades are performed, and data is backed up. Historically that’s meant fewer devices and having upgrades performed locally. It also relies on staff to use corporate data centres where security is easily controlled.

COVID-19 provided unprecedented challenges for IT teams, both in the volume and speed in which they were required to transform their EUC experience. While most organisations were equipped to have people work from home occasionally, very few large organisations had a way for everyone to work from home at the same time.

As soon as COVID hit, the traditional EUC experience actually hindered productivity and it happened overnight. Out of frustration, people now working from home moved to devices and technology outside the corporate ecosystem. For example, when every meeting became a video conference, and organisations found their on-premises conferencing platforms could not cope, it was quickly abandoned for Teams. Personal devices were increasingly used for work regardless of whether a corporate BYOD policy existed. The number and type of devices in the network exploded.

In situations where field work is common, the issues extended beyond security or productivity. Getting devices updated became difficult due to travel restrictions and postal backlogs. Remote servers could no longer be installed in overseas offices. Depending on the application, the ability to manage the EUC experience can lead to safety issues for workers and the wider community.

Legacy software systems, ancient devices, outdated IT policies and practices and a lack of investment over time all contribute to the problem. The larger the team, the bigger the impact. Transform the EUC experience for your people and you transform your whole enterprise.

The benefits of EUC transformation for large organisations

End-user transformation is all about removing friction points that cost time and money.

Staff should be able to transition easily from computer to mobile device, access all their important applications and documents in the cloud, and enjoy ultra-fast, ultra-responsive connections for browsing, streaming and working. They should be able to collaborate, share files, meet, call and chat – securely and readily, from wherever they are. It should be a seamless and largely invisible end-user experience.

The IT department should be able to manage all endpoints from a central location, improve security with a single security protocol for all devices and all users, and keep costs low by reducing the number of tools required to manage those devices.

EUC transformation in action

Troy Phillips, a Technology Strategist at Zetta, has helped dozens of large organisations with EUC transformation. He’s seen firsthand how innovative solutions can revolutionise the way a business operates.

“Being able to patch and manage a device remotely can be a game changer if you have hundreds of employees out in the field, miles away from head office,” Troy said.

“For example, we have a client in the oil and gas industry. They have employees working thousands of kilometres away, who carry essential devices. These devices must be extra tough and intrinsically safe, so front-line workers can access the information they need to make decisions in the field, in real time. It’s vital they can be patched and managed easily, without inconveniencing the workers or impacting their productivity.”

The solution allows the devices to be managed remotely using Microsoft Intune, and provisioning with Windows Autopilot, both of which are part of the Microsoft 365 toolset.

Main motivators for EUC transformation

While improved productivity, efficiency and security are key benefits of EUC transformation, they’re not always the main motivation for it.

“One of the most common motivators for change is the price a company is paying for their existing solution – it’s costing too much and it’s not delivering enough,” Troy said.

“For example, a major university came to us looking for a better way to manage their complex endpoint environment to ensure security, productivity and improved user experience. But their primary motivator was actually to reduce their costs.”

“The solution was a comprehensive device-management solution that allowed the university to manage macOS, iOS, and Android devices – both corporate-owned and BYOD.

“It gave the university’s IT team better control and confidence that all user groups had the latest security updates deployed. But it also lowered the organisation’s mobile management costs.”

Make the change and transform your enterprise

In the best of times, managing a major EUC transformation is a massive undertaking. Having a partner who has a long history in successfully optimising the end-user computing experience provides efficiency, agility and cost savings to the overall project. Why go it alone?

Zetta’s Modern Work Services has the right people, processes and experience to help you create the streamlined, modern workplace you need to take your team’s productivity to the next level – wherever they are in the world.

For more information, please reach out to our Modern Work Solutions team.