Zetta today announces the launch of its comprehensive Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to the WA market.

Zetta is offering a comprehensive and cost effective service that includes disaster recovery (DR) planning through to a fully managed DR service. Clients can choose to purchase some or all components of the service thereby allowing them to tailor a solution which meets their business continuity, budget, and regulatory requirements.

Traditional approaches to DR typically involve extensive planning and expensive capital outlays for a secondary data centre and duplicate processing infrastructure. Maintaining the capability is expensive and failover testing can be complex to implement and often cannot fully simulate a disaster.

Zetta’s service is built on Zettagrid SecondSite™, removing expensive and complex issues associated with DR. This high performing disaster recovery service enables organisations to replicate their in-house virtual environments into Zettagrid’s local WA cloud. The service is independent of a client’s hardware or hypervisor and removes the need for capital outlay. It also enables quick and automated failover including simplified testing. Performing a full failover takes only a few minutes, and users typically will not be aware that a failover has occurred. The service allows implementation of very aggressive Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives and is therefore able to meet the most demanding DR requirements.


“When it comes to disaster recovery, Zetta is leading the way in Western Australia,” said Nathan Harman, Zetta Group Managing Director. “Zetta’s DRaaS makes it much easier and more affordable for organisations to be protected. With Zetta’s extensive experience in managed ICT solutions and Zettagrid’s innovative and market leading technology, organisations in WA can draw real value from our new service.”

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