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Showing how Zetta cares

At Zetta we are passionate about doing what we can to make a difference in the world. We have created a diverse and inclusive workplace and are continually looking for ways to create meaningful change for women in IT and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Western Australia. We care about giving back to our local community and have selected charities in Perth, in need of help, to support throughout the year. Our team regularly fundraises, volunteers and makes donations to help WA families doing it tough. We also care deeply about the environment and have numerous initiatives in place to help reduce our carbon footprint, recently taking that aspiration to the next level to become carbon neutral.

You can read more about what we care about at Zetta and what we are doing about it below.

We care about equality and diversity

We are absolutely committed to Zetta being an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves. We respect all voices, life experiences and perspectives – including all genders, ages, cultures, nationalities, ethnic origins, religions, sexual orientations and those living with disabilities.

We celebrate all the things that make us different and all the things that we have in common. A diverse workplace brings diverse perspectives, which enrich us all – culturally and professionally. When we hire someone, we hire them for their talent, experience and personality. There’s no place for discrimination at Zetta.

We are proud to have recently published our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan, which is helping us find ways to work with and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples entering the IT industry and to provide opportunities for women in technology through our sponsorship of the WiTWA Tech [+] Conference and Awards night as well as being one of the foundation members of the WiTWA Corporate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program.

Download a copy of our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan here.

Equality and Diversity
Giving Back

We care about giving back

We believe in giving back to communities where we live and work so Zetta supports a number of charitable and not-for-profit organisations across Western Australia.

For example, we’re heavily involved with Eat Up Australia, a charity that gives food to hungry kids. Tragically, more than one in five Aussie kids has experienced food securities (not getting reliable meals) in the past year. Eat Up delivers thousands of fresh lunches and snacks to schools every single week, where they can get directly to the kids who need them. The Zetta team is proud to be a part of that volunteer workforce, making sandwiches for hungry kids.

We also support Zonta House, a not-for-profit organisation that provides refuges, safe spaces, essential relief and support to women who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing family and domestic violence. As a team, we buy food, gifts and essential supplies for the women and children in need. We also help out with events and provide gift cards to help people get back on their feet.

We care about the environment

We are always on the lookout for ways we can help the environment and play our part in addressing climate change by showing our commitment to sustainable business practices and education for our employees. Our corporate head office at 108 St Georges Terrace is a NABERS 4.5 star building (the highest possible rating is 6.0) which means its energy use, water use, waste management and the indoor environment itself are all highly efficient. Our office is also really close to public transport and has end-of-trip facilities for those who prefer to ride their bike or run to work.

We are a paperless office, and we proudly champion waste, paper and e-waste recycling initiatives. We recycle everything we possibly can. In 2022 we stepped up a level, and received our Climate Active Organisation Certification for achieving a state of net zero emissions, otherwise known as carbon neutrality.

We care about the environment
We care about your career

We care about our people

We believe in providing you with every chance to achieve your full potential. That’s why we provide opportunities to learn and develop throughout your career. By investing in your training, which enables you to carry out research and propose ideas and innovations.

When we say one of our values is to “pursue growth and learning”, we mean it. You’re welcome to suggest any training relevant to your role or your career development that you’d like to undertake and we’ll do whatever we can to support and enable it.

We’ll pay for the course, give you study leave and, depending on the qualification, sometimes we’ll even pay you a training completion bonus.

When you’re a Zetta team member, we’re interested in your career goals, and progression. And we love partnering with our people to help their career dreams come true.

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