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With more people than ever before choosing to work remotely, ensuring your workforce can be productive anywhere, anytime, and on any device has become a key business requirement.

With remote working there is a greater need to facilitate teams and simplify workflows. No matter where team members are located, they must still be able to collaborate, meet, call, and connect to business applications as conveniently as if they
were in the same office.

If your team is mobile, they need to be able to seamlessly transition from their computer to mobile devices enabled with
powerful applications.

So how do you modernise your workplace and still protect your business?

Zetta’s Modern Work team provides your workforce with the best possible modern desktop experience, all the latest features, and the best available security updates – helping to keep employees productive and secure.

Our Modern Work Solutions

We’re the experts in cloud-based productivity. If you need a streamlined modern workplace to take your team’s productivity to the next level, we can help. We’ll help you leverage the power of Microsoft 365.



  • Collaborate, meet, call, and connect business applications — all in one place
  • Connect with video meetings and calls
  • Chat one-on-one or in groups, from anywhere.
Meetings and Meeting Rooms

Meetings and Meeting Rooms

  • Enable people to connect in a dedicated space not restricted by physical location
  • Share files you need to review and keep track of meeting notes and to-dos helping people stay focused before, during, and after the meeting.
Modern Desktop

Modern Desktop

  • Easily transition from computer to mobile device, with innovative and powerful mobile applications
  •  Access all your files in one place with OneDrive
  • Accelerate performance to get things done faster
  • Use ultra-fast, ultra-responsive connections for browsing, streaming and working.
Unified Communications

Unified Communications

  • Implement a modern voice solution that combines unified communication and teamwork
  • Enable call control and PBX capabilities without the need for complicated and expensive equipment
  • Place and receive calls, transfer calls, and mute or unmute calls via a mobile device, a headset with a laptop or PC, or one of many IP phones.
Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management

  • Manage all endpoints from a central location
  • Reduce costs by reducing the number of tools required to manage devices
  • Improve security with one security protocol for all devices, for all users
  • Support both on-premises and cloud-native organisations.

Seamlessly Configure, Migrate and Integrate to your Modern Workplace

Leverage the power of Microsoft 365 on either a project or a managed services basis, with Zetta’s Modern Work Services. Our team will provide the best possible modern desktop experience with all the latest features and security updates.

Keep your workforce productive and secure with a fully customised modern workplace solution.

Zetta’s Project Services will seamlessly configure, set up, and migrate your organisation to an integrated cloud platform.

With Zetta’s Managed Services your modern workplace is managed, monitored, and continually upgraded and enhanced.

Stories from our Clients

Zetta’s Modern Work Solutions are perfect for any enterprise, corporation, or public sector organisation that needs to empower its team to achieve more, every day, wherever they are. Read the stories below to see how we have helped our clients modernise their workplace.

We can help you transform the way you work.

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