Managed ICT Services

We allow you to focus on your core business

Zetta provides a diverse range of flexible Managed ICT Services, our focus is the client and our approach is personable. Our proven solutions and experience allows us to manage the most complex enterprise environments efficiently, safely and securely, allowing you to put the focus back on your core business and strategic operations. Zetta has been providing managed services for over 10 years and manages thousands of users and their associated ICT infrastructure across many mid-tier and enterprise organisations across Australia.

Managed Service Desk

Zetta Service Desk is a centralised service desk acting as a single point of contact for ownership and management for the range of IT enquiries and incidents. The Service desk provides Level 1 technical support and incident triage.

Managed Network

Ensure that the network infrastructure and services are running at optimum levels, through monitoring and analysis of performance metrics. Provide Capacity and Demand analysis to determine utilisation trending and patterns of business activity which assists in tuning and optimisation of the network environment based on identified performance trends.

Managed Server + Storage Infrastructure

Provides the management of the Server and Storage Infrastructure including Servers (physical, virtual and cloud based), hypervisor and operating systems, system management software, DBMS, Middleware and Server SOE(s). This service also includes the support and management of Storage devices (SAN, NAS etc.) and the operation of Data Management services (Backup and Recovery, archiving etc.).

Managed Cloud Replication, Storage and Backup

Management and support of cloud based storage through backup and replication, including the assessment of data replication performance, capacity and data integrity.

Managed End User Computing

The ongoing management of the End User Computing environment including build, deployment and support of all end point devices, SOE/MOE and mobility services (including smart phones, tablets etc.)

Managed Security Management

Provides the management of the security environment. The security environment includes both internal and external security infrastructure such as Network Security (including firewall, VPN, and remote access security), Threat Management, Access Management and Virus Protection.

Managed Unified Communications

Maintain and support the Unified Communications infrastructure and services. Through Pro-active maintenance tasks and real-time monitoring, potential issues are addressed before they affect the infrastructure. Performance tuning through analysis of infrastructure critical metrics keeps the services running at optimum levels.