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All the technical knowledge and expertise you need to achieve your project goals.

Achieve your Project Goals Sooner

Managing technology projects can be challenging at the best of times, but it’s especially difficult if you don’t have the resources or experience you need in house. Choosing the right partner is critical to your project’s success.

Zetta Project Services can deliver all the IT solutions you need to overcome whatever technological challenges your business is facing. We can help with IT projects of all sizes and are specialists in:



Cloud and

Leveraging our unique intellectual property and Microsoft 365, our experienced, capable team can help you with everything from design and architecture to implementation and management.

We’re committed to:

  • Understanding the complexity of your business
  • Providing a realistic bid based on your requirements
  • Clearly stating deliverables
  • Meticulously planning and executing data migrations

Our approach helps you scale faster and optimise technology investments so you can reach your long-term goals sooner.

Our Services

Assessment and Optimisation

Assessment and

Technology Design and Architecture
Technology Design and Architecture
Implementation and Migration Services

Implementation and
Migration Services

Adoption and Change Management
Adoption and Change Management
Project Management


Our Process

We take a structured approach to your project.

It starts with an assessment and ensuring a clear understanding of your needs.

We’ll continuously re-evaluate this against business benefits and changing circumstances throughout the project.

You’ll get clear recommendations you can rely on, based on our extensive experience, to help you achieve your business goals.

Why Zetta for Project Services?

WA Headquartered

WA Headquartered

Our team is all based in Perth, so you will be guaranteed to have our A-team as your core team, from start to finish.



Continuously and swiftly incorporating real-time feedback from users and management teams, we adapt to change, make decisions quickly, and keep your project moving forward.

Highly Skilled

Highly Skilled

We deliver projects professionally, minimising uncertainty, delivering to timelines, and providing project management excellence.

Domain Experts

Domain Experts

Our modern management history means we have deep experience understanding how organisations operate and how they should operate in the future.

Customer Focused


Our people are easy to work with, and we truly value your business. We become an extension of your team, we listen, and we respond fast.

High Customer Satisfaction

High Customer Satisfaction

We work hard to create great customer outcomes and so far, we are succeeding, all our clients, past and present, are referenceable sites.

Stories from our Clients

We have both the capability and experience to deliver the IT solutions you need to overcome your business challenges.

Read the stories below to see how we have helped our clients achieve their goals.

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