How To Convince Your Team You Need A Disaster Recovery Solution

As a business owner or team member, you may have realised that your business is in dire need of a disaster recovery solution. But if the rest of your team is resistant to the idea, how do you go about explaining to them the importance of disaster…
DR Testing

Does your Company Complete DR Testing?

Having a secure Disaster Recovery plan in place is essential to preventing the losses associated with system outages. In 2014 alone, Australian businesses lost over $55 billion in US dollars due to data loss and downtime. Despite this very real…
Disaster Recovery Whitepaper
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Whitepaper: Improving Information Systems Resilience

During 2016 many high profile enterprises (including the ATO and the ASX) suffered significant outages of critical IT services. This whitepaper explores how traditional Disaster Recovery Plans have failed prominent large enterprises across…
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Why Government Agencies Must Pay Attention to Disaster Recovery

With severe global weather events increasing, and more information stored in digital form, people are becoming more aware of disaster recovery. The consequences of data loss or a targeted attack is greater now than ever. What is DRaaS? Traditional…
Disaster Recovery as a Service
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4 Key Benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service 

From data hacks, malicious ransomware or severe weather events, any business can be affected by a disaster. Small and medium sized businesses are often at the greatest risk when disaster strikes. A long recovery time after a disaster could be…
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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Zetta has introduced Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to WA businesses – understanding that your business needs DR is the first step.   Zetta provides a professionally managed solution that ensures your business is protected…
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Zetta introduces WA to Disaster Recovery as a Service

Zetta today announces the launch of its comprehensive Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to the WA market.   Zetta is offering a comprehensive and cost effective service that includes disaster recovery (DR) planning through to a…