To facilitate an effective, modern workplace, you need to provide your people with tools to help them communicate anywhere, with anyone, and at any time.

According to a recent Accenture article, companies today need their critical workforces to perform smarter, faster and more productively: “…achieving that goal requires embedding collaborative technologies deep into processes and incentivising collaborative behaviours—ultimately transforming the way organisations turn knowledge into action.”[1]

To collaborate effectively, your people need modern, innovative tools, and the best in the market is Microsoft Teams.

Why collaboration tools are important

There are several reasons why collaboration tools are becoming more and more essential in a modern workplace. These include:

  1. Enhanced teamwork
    To operate as effectively as possible, your people need to come together in highly functioning teams. They need to share information quickly and easily, regardless of where they are in the world. With the right tools at their fingertips, everyone can provide their input, and teams can also seek advice from subject matter experts (from both within and outside the business), in real-time.
  2. Faster results
    Today, customers expect to be able to connect with your business quickly and easily – sometimes around the clock. By giving your people tools to help them share information and data, in a diversity of ways, you can provide much more rapid responses to customer queries or requests; improving your overall customer service.
  3. Better results
    By connecting the right people with the right information, at the right time, you can also drive far better results for your customers overall – making projects more successful than they may otherwise have been.
  4. Happier employees
    By giving your people access to tools to make their day-to-day work life easier and more effective, you can also help your people feel more rewarded and satisfied. When staff feel they are able to readily contribute, they are more likely to go beyond what is expected of them and to demonstrate loyalty to your business over time.
  5. More opportunity
    By providing your people with the latest tools, you are more likely to achieve more innovative and dynamic outcomes in your projects. You can also tap into other technology solutions that can lead to superior outcomes. With a Zetta Managed Voice solution, for instance, you have seamless integration with the full suite of Microsoft 365 products.
  6. Stronger relationships with customers and partners
    Having a digital, cloud-based communication system in place doesn’t just benefit employees – it also has considerable and far-reaching benefits for partners, customers and supplies too.

How can Zetta help improve your communications?

If you’re interested in finding out how your business could evolve its information and communications technology, talk to us. We have over a decade of experience with Microsoft Skype for Business and Teams, and we are the first Microsoft partners in Western Australia to be on the Calling for Teams Advanced Specialisation.

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[1] Insight Outlook – How collaboration technologies are improving process workforce business – Accenture.