As a business owner or team member, you may have realised that your business is in dire need of a disaster recovery solution. But if the rest of your team is resistant to the idea, how do you go about explaining to them the importance of disaster recovery? How can you convince them to make the necessary capital expenditures to have disaster recovery as a real option for your business?

1.  Use Facts And Figures

Experts agree that around the world thousands of businesses a year are disrupted or even closed after a disaster. Show them that the costs of natural disasters in Australia tally into the billions, and are increasing every year, even before climate change is considered. Some agencies say that 40% of businesses do not reopen after a natural disaster.

Teams sometimes argue that planning for a disaster takes too much time when companies should be focused on other tasks that grow the business. Use these statistics to point out that companies can’t afford to avoid disaster planning.

2.  Explain DRaaS

Some teams may already be more familiar with older concepts of disaster recovery. In these cases, businesses need to pay a substantial amount of money for a secondary data centre, storage fees, and someone to maintain backups while ensuring that each cycle of backups are verified. In many cases, this antiquated recovery with its high cost is what keeps people from keeping their businesses protected.

To make things easier, Zetta has now introduced DRaaS, or Disaster Recovery as a Service, to WA businesses. Instead of an expensive, piecemeal solution, this approach allows companies to get the help of experts in disaster recovery in planning their disaster solutions.

Zetta stores data offsite, and allows full failover testing in just a few moments. This allows customers to be sure that their backups are working properly and that their data is available whenever needed. Showing teams the convenience and easy access of DRaaS solutions may help them understand the cost and feasibility of the system.

3.  Flexibility and Scalability

When companies start out as small businesses, they will have one set of disaster recovery needs. As the business grows, however, they will have a different set of needs. At that point, businesses may need to completely revamp their disaster recovery plan.

As many businesses already know, a total revamp can be expensive and frustrating to implement. Conversely, when dealing with DRaaS, companies can then simply use metrics and reports to understand what expanded capacity is necessary. From there, they can quickly and easily increase their usage as needed.

Convincing your team that DRaaS is a necessary step for business success can be complicated and potentially frustrating. But as businesses enter even more uncertain times, it is crucial that companies be prepared to react to whatever comes their way. DRaaS helps businesses succeed.

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