Leading Perth based ICT Infrastructure Service company, Zetta, has been awarded a 3 year, contract to provide end user computing support to Western Power, with options to extend up to 7 years, the Company announced today.

Zetta Director, Jim Di Menna, said the contract is another important win for the Company in a competitive market.

This Award is our first with Western Power and is a testament to Zetta’s position in WA as a leading provider of ICT services to top tier enterprises.

“Zetta already has a proven track record of providing both ICT infrastructure and managed services to large enterprise customers across industry and government in WA.

“This is a strategic win for Zetta, particularly in a space that demands not only highly efficient processes, but a demonstrated track record of reliability and service. We believe our reputation for technical competence and innovation has been key to our success,” Mr Di Menna said.

Key points

Under the contract, Zetta will manage and support Western Power’s end user computing environment  for more than 3,500 staff and their associated desktop, notebook, tablet and mobile phone devices across Western Australia.

The contract represents a key component in the provision of Information Communication Technology (ICT) Services that support Western Power’s business operations.

Zetta is in the process of transitioning responsibility for the services from the incumbent provider and expects to become fully responsible on 28 July 2015.

About Zetta

Zetta provides ICT infrastructure services including Managed Services, Project Services and Cloud Services to enterprises in Western Australia.

The Company is privately owned and Western Australian based, with offices in Perth and Sydney.  Operating for 11 years, Zetta employs approximately 160 ICT professionals most of which are based in Perth, servicing the Company’s Perth based clients.

The Company’s clients include Department of Housing (WA), Synergy, Department of Health (WA), Woodside Energy, BHP Billiton, DBP (Dampier to Bunbury Pipeline), and the National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator (NOPTA).

Zetta has two key business units:

  • ICT Services – providing traditional ICT infrastructure services including designing, building and commissioning ICT Infrastructure and Managed Services, where the Company manages and operates some or all of an organisations ICT infrastructure.
  • ZettaGrid – one of Australia’s largest integrated cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and network offerings providing clients with the ability to quickly and easily configure and utilise hosted private clouds and hybrid clouds. Clients can choose to have their processing in one or more zones across Australia allowing flexible processing architectures to be configured and maintained.