With outdated and inefficient telephony systems in place, across a variety of industries, it’s more important than ever to adopt a simplified communication platform embracing cloud based technologies. Read on to find out five benefits that our clients have seen after deploying Skype for Business.

1.  Easy to use

Skype is incredibly user friendly. Adding a contact, starting a video or voice call, and starting an instant message, are all very simple. Sending a file is as simple as point and click. It also naturally integrates with Office 365, allowing users to comment on documents or connect via instant message within the online environment.

2.  Interactivity between programs

Because Skype for Business has been fully integrated into Office 365, companies that use the full package have the best possible platform for document sharing, conference calls, and presentations. Each program works seamlessly with the others, allowing for easy collaboration and seamless integration.

3.  Works across devices

Skype works across devices; PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets can all download Skype. When you need to work from home or take a conference call on the road, you have instant access to all your contacts, your information, and the call itself.

4.  Reduce need for business travel

Businesses operate globally, seeking the best minds from all over the world to provide services and knowledge. Before, trying to organise people around the world has been difficult or impossible, but Skype for Business makes it easy to keep up with other members of your organisation. This allows for unprecedented collaboration within an organisation.

5.  Reliable, high-quality calls

When VoIP was initially introduced, the software was buggy and involved many dropped calls. Steady improvements have been made, and now business can expect excellent call quality. For companies where pure Cloud PBX offerings are not available, or where a dropped call could potentially be a disaster, a hybrid deployment can bring all the benefits of Cloud PBX while still offering the stability of on-premises telephony.

If your business has not yet embraced Skype for Business for its telephony needs, it’s time to look at what it offers in terms of functionality, cost and simplified management. Whether you need to deliver a presentation, organise a conference call, or set up instant messaging between partners who are co-writing a document, Skype for Business and Office 365 are bringing innovation and interactivity to the enterprise.

From reducing costs to encouraging innovation, Skype brings something fresh to businesses, especially those which operate in different time zones, collaborate across international borders, or work on documents in real time.

Want to learn how Skype for Business can reduce costs and simplify communication within your business? Find out more about our Managed Cloud Voice Service.